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Technologies behind Google Page Ranking by Amit Singhal

Phase I

Singhal explains that the Google ranking is a "collection of algorithms used to find the most relevant documents for a user query. We do this for hundreds of millions of queries a day, from a collection of billions and billions of pages."

This same collection of algorithms is used for other Google search services, like Google Images, Google News, YouTube and Google Maps.

I know you might be thinking that this is something we all know, but what Singhal has divulged is that the Google ranking is broken down into three core parts:

  1. Best locally relevant results served globally - The best relevant results are provided in what Google calls "no query left behind."
  2. Keep it simple - Google likes to keep it simple without compromising on the quality of results.
  3. No manual intervention - The rankings are powered by algorithms that reflect the behavior and linking patterns of the people in the whole web community.

If all of this is sounding quite basic, it's because it is. Singhal doesn't give any secrets of how you can get a better ranking for your webpage, but he does say that he will delve deeper into the technology behind ranking in in the below:

Phase II

  1. The core technology in the Google ranking system comes from the academic field of Information Retrieval (IR).
  2. To understand pages Google has crawl and indexing system technology.
  3. Google tries to associate concepts to pages, even if those concepts aren't clear from the language on the page.
  4. Google makes a distinction between "important and less important words in the page."
  5. Google also looks at the "freshness of the information on the page."
  6. Google has a spelling suggestion system and an advanced synonyms system so it knows exactly what your search query means.
  7. Google uses localization systems (geo-location) to give "the best locally relevant results served globally".
  8. Google's latest advancement in search technology is a translation system called Cross Language Information Retrieval (CLIR), which "allows users to first discover information that is not in their language, and then using Google's translation technology, we make this information accessible."

Google understands that search habits are constantly changing. In the last decade search has moved from "give me what I said to give me what I want" and it is great to see that Google is on the front foot in making search for us as easy as possible- guess that's why they are number one!

Source: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2008/07/technologies-behind-google-ranking.html

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